Tuesday, November 29, 2005

How I Rank Movies

I just noticed a point that I should probably clarify. I rank movies differently on NetFlix than I do on IMDB. Because the five-star NetFlix system presents itself as a "Liked it/Didn't Like It" format, I tend to take that into account when assigning it a rating. The IMDB, however, is based on a ten-point scale, and I tend to base that on the merits of the film overall.

As an addendum, you'll see that many of my IMDB rankings hover around the 6-7/10 mark. It takes great disdain for me to drop a movie below that point, and near hatred to assign anything lower than a 3 or 4.

Also keep in mind that most of these rankings are based on my feelings at the conclusion of said movie. These have a tendency to change in the days or weeks afterward, as I continue to ponder a movie. This especially holds true for more complex films.


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