Thursday, March 23, 2006

Good Night, and Good Luck

Good Night, and Good Luck (2005)

George Clooney's Oscar-nominated docudrama pits TV newsman Edward R. Murrow (David Strathairn) against Sen. Joseph McCarthy and his single-minded crusade to quell the red threat at home. Despite corporate pressure to back off, Murrow and his CBS staff are determined to examine the lies and fear tactics perpetrated by McCarthy during his Communist witch-hunts. The impressive cast includes Robert Downey Jr., Patricia Clarkson and Jeff Daniels.
My Two Cents: Flat, assumptive, one-sided; Inferior to All the Presidents Men in terms of portraying courage and truth in journalism.

NetFlix Rank: Liked It
IMDB Rank: 7/10


Robert's Two Cents: Amateurish looking archival-footage dependant, unintelligible dialogue, painfully pointless, boring, terrible

NetFlix Rank: Hated It


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