Monday, August 28, 2006

Two For the Money

Two For the Money (2005)

Collegiate football star Brandon Lang (Matthew McConaughey) spins his uncanny prognostication skills into a new vocation when a devastating injury sidelines his promising career. Hooking up with renowned "sports consultant" Walter Abrams (Al Pacino), Brandon becomes a crafty front man for the operation -- until his Midas touch starts to evaporate. Co-star Rene Russo plays Pacino's wife in this high-stakes drama from director D.J. Caruso.
My Two Cents: A pointless story with two lead actors that evidently just decided to caricature themselves for two way-too-long hours.

NetFlix Rank: Didn't Like It
IMDB Rank: 4/10


Matt's Two Cents: No plot, bad writing, Coppola should edit Pacino out of The Godfather after seeing Pacino reduce himself to this.

NetFlix Rank: Hated It

Robert's Two Cents: Almost bad enough to laugh at, the writing here is as bad as it gets.

NetFlix Rank: Didn't Like It


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