Thursday, December 01, 2005

Introducing the Supporting Cast

I've invited several friends to contribute to the site, which should provide an eclectic mix of reviews and opinions.

Here are their NetFlix stats, along with a few sample "Two Cent Reviews."


Ratings: 1036 movies
Favorites: 286 movies
Average Rating: 3.27

Batman Begins: "Bale is fantastic in a less cartoon like version than the 90s Batman saga ."

Crash: "Brutal depiction of real life events with great performances."

The Assassination of Richard Nixon: "Good performances all around, although you are supposed to feel sorry for Penn's character, I hated him."


Ratings: 3879 movies
Favorites: 221 movies
Average Rating: 2.72

The Big Sleep: "Races & sizzles w/an assault of coolness so relentless you can't possibly bother to care where it takes you next or why."

Forrest Gump: "The greatest film from the greatest American director. Ebert says it's "Magical". I concur. #7 on my All-Time List."

Pulp Fiction: "It's still trendy to say you like this heavy handed cooler-than-thou B-movie trash, but I don't play that."


Ratings: 4338 movies
Favorites: 380 movies
Average Rating: 2.69

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle: "watch it again. It's actually pretty funny. This is one of those movies that is funnier with repeated viewings."

Hitch: "It was pretty decent until it got all Hollywoody at the end."


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