Wednesday, May 31, 2006


London (2005)

After jilted Syd (Chris Evans) learns that his ex-girlfriend, London (Jessica Biel), is moving away from New York City without telling him, he can't resist the urge to crash her farewell party looking for one last chance to talk. But instead of confronting her, Syd spends most of his time in the upstairs bathroom with an enigmatic Brit he barely knows (Jason Statham) -- snorting lines of cocaine and debating the meaning of life.
My Two Cents: Similar to Before Sunrise, but much more vulgar, w/ darker content, lots of drugs, and an even whinier leading man.

Alternate My Two Cents: [Director] Hunter Richards may very well be an alias for Richard Linklater, after Linklater's snorted an eight ball or six.

Bonus Alternate Rick James-esque My Two Cents: Cocaine's a helluva drug!

NetFlix Rank: Liked It
IMDB Rank: 6/10


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