Wednesday, May 10, 2006

United 93

United 93 (2005)

Re-creating the harrowing events aboard United Airlines Flight 93 in actual time, documentary filmmaker Paul Greengrass presents the unforgettable drama of Sept. 11, 2001, as experienced by those on board and by those watching in horror on the ground. Told in the span of just 90 minutes, this compact yet powerful story follows a disparate group of strangers that bands together for a common purpose, risking their lives so that others might live.
My Two Cents: Not a film to be enjoyed, but one that every American should see at least once, and never forget.

NetFlix Rank: Loved It
IMDB Rank: 10/10


Robert's Two Cents: A creatively well-crafted uber-intense educational thriller of superconsequence.

NetFlix Rank: Loved It

(note: I should offer a disclaimer regarding the NetFlix ranks. Like The Passion of the Christ or Schindler's List, this is not a film that you "love." But as I felt United 93 was impactful, respectful, and handled appropriately in every way necessary, given the delicate subject matter, the director and cast deserved the same treatment I would treatment that I would give a "regular" film).


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