Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Oscars: Part One of Many...

I still have a lot to see before I feel comfortable making predictions or judgments on the recently announced Oscar field, but one I can now count the Best Picture category as complete.

Here's a quick look back at the Two-Cent Reviews for each nominated film from me and my friends (no predictions just yet):

Little Miss Sunshine

Drew's Two Cents: Many films explore themes like dealing with a dysfunctional family and coping with loss. Few do it in an endearing manner thats both dark and comedic, and even fewer do it as well.

Robert's Two Cents: The fact that it's not my kind of deal yet I liked it so much probably speaks to the strength of the screenplay. I kept thinking "there's no way to end this movie"... But WOW did they ever nail it.

The Departed

Drew's Two Cents: Things that lived up to the hype: Bush and Gore on Election Night 2000; Vince Young and Matt Leinart in the 2006 Rose Bowl; and Damon, DiCaprio, and everyone else in The Departed. Bravo!

Matt's Two Cents: Thrilling....Dicaprio and Nicholson are great. I thought the ending was a bit too forced and the easy way out, however.

Robert's Two Cents: A fun and very well made popcorn-thriller. The degree to which DiCaprio (who should get an Oscar here, imo) outshined Damon was really amazing.


Drew's Two Cents: Bizarre in that it stretches a shallow theme of "woe is me" unfairness into an intricately woven, engaging framework; The editing makes this film better than it really is.

Robert's Two Cents: Exhausting, as nearly all 142 minutes seem to create a constant sense of impending doom.

Kevin's Two Cents: Difficult to watch, but very well done. I'm glad I saw it, but I wouldn't want to see it again.

The Queen

Drew's Two Cents: Despite the silly hyperbole of its central plot, it's a fascinating "fly on the wall" political docudrama fueled by Mirren's Oscar-worthy performance.

Robert's Two Cents: Helen Mirren carries an interesting little movie into something much bigger..Yet I thought production was noticeably rough, and am surprised at all the praise it is receiving.

Letters From Iwo Jima

Drew's Two Cents: Touches on cameraderie, honor, duty, and sacrifice... and shows the universal nature of patriotism; Eastwood outdoes himself... or at least his previous trip to Iwo Jima.

Robert's Two Cents: I usually prefer big-picture flag waving above stories of moral equivalency between "men at war", but here a real pro does the latter in a subtle way that is just on the edge of greatness.

To be continued...


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