Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sydney White

Sydney White (2007)
Show White gets a 21st Century spin when college freshman Sydney White (Amanda Bynes) makes friends with the campus misfits after her Kappa Phi pledge bid is sabotaged by the school's most notorious "srostitute."
My Two Cents: It's too wholesome to hate.

Drew's Rating: 4/10

Further Thoughts:

Whoever cast this gets an A+. And that makes me wonder: would it be worth what I imagine is pretty good money to make a career out of being typecast as a loser?

On, and why did I watch this? (1) I tend to like goofy high school/college comedies. (2) Sometimes I feel like I should watch movies that I assume are going to be terrible just so I can get my money's worth from my HBO subscription.


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