Thursday, June 01, 2006

Just Friends

Just Friends (2005)

An ex-dork reconnects with the girl who broke his heart in this romantic comedy. After being turned down by his high school crush, a nice guy moves to Los Angeles, where he's transformed into a womanizing music executive. But when he's stranded in his New Jersey hometown, he runs into his former puppy love -- and is completely floored by her once again. Ryan Reynolds, Amy Smart, Anna Faris, Christopher Marquette and Chris Klein star
My Two Cents: Sure it's not very good but (a) Amy Smart is enchanting, and (b) Ryan Reynolds could make reading the phone book funny.

NetFlix Rank: Liked It
IMDB Rank: 5/10


Matt's Two Cents: Gets one star only because you can't give it 0 stars.

NetFlix Rank: Hated It


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